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We specialize in turning SIGNATURES into AUTOGRAPHS

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About Us

HOW THE COMPANY STARTED After all the trouble we went through to get our first book published a desire and compassion to help writers to become self-published authors was birthed. It was all born from a mysterious phone call. Someone called and asked us the question: HOW CAN I GET MY STORY OUT THERE. This company is in short the answer to this question. The phone call was the genesis of the company. WHO ARE WE? We strongly believe that every person is a book. The story of your life needs to be told to the next generations and NO ONE can tell this story better than you. Every painful experience you have been through can be converted to INCOME, if you want to know how contact us for a free quote.

We specialize in turning SIGNATURES into AUTOGRAPHS



Entire publishing (from Conception till publication)


Affordable quality PRINTING


Professional graphics designs and book websites

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